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Chair’s Welcome

Dear Colleagues, Friends, Students, and Alumni:

It is hard to believe that we are already three weeks into this semester. Time flies so quickly yet, already this year, so many wonderful things have happened in LLL. As you will read in the following pages, Dr. and Mrs. Harold G. Jones have, once again, bestowed great generosity on our department by establishing endowments for two departmental awards: a brand-new award, the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics Research Achievement Endowed Fund; and the Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Endowed Fund to support our annual GUS award for loyalty and dedication to LLL. In the past few years, Dr. and Mrs. Jones have given so many gifts to all of us; the incredible art collection that graces the walls of every departmental space is a constant reminder of their generosity and good will. Just a year ago, they also established an endowment to support LLL’s scholarly journal Symposium: A Quarterly Journal in Modern Literatures. You can read more about Professor and Mrs. Jones’s generosity on the following pages.

But what has been so very gratifying so far this spring 2015 semester are the many other displays of generosity from many LLL colleagues. As but a few examples, recently, when two departmental colleagues suffered a loss in their family, at least six colleagues from across the department stepped up immediately and taught extra classes to help out! Special thanks to Maria Caruso, Antonio Casale, Lou Lou Delmarsh, Giovanni Dettori, Consuelo Endrigo, and Stefano Giannini for showing such great support and collegiality in a time of need. These are no small matters and I am very grateful for their generosity! Thank you also to all six of our colleagues who have recently taken on leadership roles in the MLA, LSA, IAWE, and LASA among others. This LLL display of leadership at the national level by professors Bhatia, Fetta, Giannini, Kornfilt, Rios, and Ticio is another sign of our department’s generosity. I hesitate to single people out because I know that so many of you give so much to enrich our department and our students. Thank you for all you do every day to make LLL a wonderful place!

News and Notes
Upcoming LLL Events

Professional Development Workshop with Harry Tuttle, Friday, February 6, 11:00-1:00, 217 HBC

Harry Tuttle, Instructor of Spanish at Onondaga Community College and Syracuse University, will present a workshop entitled: NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Proficiency Statements In Your Classroom. This workshop focuses on what the Can-Do statements are, what implications they have for the daily curriculum and for finals and how to implement them. The workshop will be useful for instructors teaching any level of any language, as it reviews ACTFL guidelines and best practices and applies them to individual teaching scenarios.


2015 SUPER-LECNY Workshop Conference, February 7, 8.45am - 1pm Room 1-019 Science and Technology Building, 111 College Place, Syracuse University

S.U.P.E.R. (Schools and Universities in Partnership for Educational Responsibility) and LECNY (Language Educators of Central New York) (formerly FLACNY) have coordinated a conference for local language teachers annually for more than 25 years. The morning will be devoted to nearly a dozen short presentations giving everyone something of professional interest.  The audience and presenters are regional language instructors. To register,  email Barbara Gordon barbara@barrygordon.com and request to pay onsite ($5 for students, $10 LECNY members, $15 non-members). Parking will be available in the lot next to the building. This lot is marked as "Quad 4”. 

Presentation topics:

Reflections from Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (STLE) experience!
Ethnography: Students as Cultural Investigators
Transforming Minds: American Sign Language and Deaf Perspectives in Language Education
R.A.F.T Writing Strategy
Schoology in the Foreign Language Classroom
Brain Breaks in the FLES Classroom
Virtual Field Trips: Gateway to Language and Culture
Activities to Enhance Communication in the Target Language
The State of the Field: Heritage Learners of Chinese; Teaching Pronunciation; and Use of Music in the Language Classroom
Interactive TL Children's Book

Note: three students from SU's Linguistic Studies Program (Yuting Guo, Yingya Li and Sanshiroh Ogawa) will be giving presentations at this year's event!


International Poetry Fest, Thursday, February 12, 11:45 – 1:15 pm, Shaffer Atrium

We invite you and your students to celebrate poetry from the many countries our department represents.  We will set up in Shaffer Atrium, not far from the entry to the Lowe’s Art Gallery, where individuals or groups of faculty, staff, instructors, and students will recite, sing, read, act out, or even dance to the international verses we all love so much.  Colleen will buy a giant basket of Hershey's kisses for our listeners to enjoy.  Please encourage the students in your classes to attend.  Individual students can recite something or groups of students can also perform together.  In the past, we have had wonderful poetry recitations, music, and dance performances by students, faculty, and instructors of every language taught in the department.  We hope to do the same this year!


Contemporary Spanish Poetry: Topics and Trends, February 16-18, 2015

This will be a two-day event co-sponsored by Syracuse University and LeMoyne College.  Three contemporary Spanish poets will travel to Syracuse, NY from the University of Iowa, where they are in residence this year to discuss their work with students, faculty, and the public.  Ana Merino, Luis Muñoz, and Manuel Vilas have published widely in Spain and are internationally renowned for their poetry and prose, each having garnered important literary prizes and recognition.  Specific times of lectures and readings to be announced:  Kathy Everly - keverly@syr.edu


Invited Talk, Feb 27 (date provisional)

“Shaman and Woman: Rethinking Female Pain and Hysteria." the Moynihan East Asia Program, the Maxwell School, Syracuse University.


Workshop: “Translation and Redress: Addressing the ‘Comfort Women’” sponsored by the Central New York Mellon Humanities Corridor, March 7, 2015

Meera Lee is co-organizing the workshop with Professor Brett de Bary from Cornell University. The event will be held at the Society for the Humanities at Cornell University. Professor Joshua D. Pilzer, an ethnomusicologist, from the University of  Toronto will speak about his book HEARTS OF PINE (Oxford University Press, 2012) that delineates singing in the lives of Korean survivors of the Japanese “comfort women” system, with a focus on the the relationships between music, survival, memory, traumatic experience, marginalization, and  gendered violence.  Professor Lee Chonghwa, poet and translation theorist from Japan, will address affects of shame and secrecy as they problematize the notion of transparent testimony of former "comfort women."


LLL Teaching Best Practices Showcase, Friday, March 20, 9:30-11:30, 217 HBC

This LLL professional development workshop highlights you by offering you the opportunity to present one activity that has worked well in your classroom. Organized and led by veteran Spanish instructor, Socorro (Coco) Koseki and two outstanding Teaching Assistants Lauren Lesce (ENL) and Ben Peak (French), 8-10 LLL professionals will present a mini best teaching practices show and tell. Each presenter will have a maximum of 10 minutes in which to present and demonstrate a successful activity.  The 10-minute limit during the two-hour workshop will make it move quickly and be very dynamic. At the same time, participants and spectators will come away with a wide variety of brand-new short but engaging activities that they might be able to use in their classes, no matter what language they teach. Come join us to share your great teaching!


LLL Faculty Working Papers Series, Friday, March 20, 12:00-2:00, 340G HBC

This semester’s LLL faculty working papers series will feature presentations by Paul Humphrey, Visiting Assistant Professor of French and Spanish at Syracuse University, and Emma Ticio, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics.  Paul will present a work in progress on "Santería, Vodou and the Detective: Notes on recent novels by Leonardo Padura and Gary Victor."  Emma will present her latest research as well.


Arabic Cultural Day, Kittredge Auditorium, in HBC, April 7th, 1-3 pm.

For Arabic students in the Arabic Program.
The purpose of this event is to build a better understanding of Arabic Cultures through music, food, poetry, songs, as well as sharing and discussing students' experiences in the Middle East and North Africa, and how these experiences enriched their knowledge of Arabic. Students will be encouraged to use Arabic during the event as a way of practicing their Arabic. Another purpose is to get Arabic students acquainted with each other and to create bonds among them, which may encourage them to keep in touch and to practice their Arabic together in the future.

World Culture(s) on the Quad Wednesday, April 15, 11:00-1:00, HBC Breezeway (rain date: Thursday, April 16)

As in previous years, LLL will host World Culture(s) on the Quad, a showcase of and by the many diverse programs and cultures within the LLL department.  We hope that you and your students will host a table to highlight your program and share information, materials, snacks, music, and other elements from your culture.


The Fifth Annual Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Award Ceremony, Friday, April 24, 2:30 p.m. Killian Room, 500 Hall of Languages

LLL members work really hard, contribute a great deal, and, most importantly, they usually do it all with a smile!  Yet, we have very few opportunities to recognize the important ways in which a great colleague enriches our life and that of our students.  The Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Award celebrates a co-worker's collegiality, collaboration, and overall dedication to our department.  

On April 24, we will once again celebrate each other and our students during our Gerlinde Ulm Sanford (GUS) Award Ceremony. Several awards will be given during the event: outstanding student majors; Outstanding LLL MA students and Teaching Assistants; GUS undergraduate German student; GUS undergraduate student in any class; and our Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Award for Loyalty, Dedication, and Valuable Contribution to the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics.

More information on the nomination process for this year’s Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Award and student awards will come soon.  In the meantime, look around, get to know your colleagues, and notice those LLL members who go out of their way to be helpful and who enrich our lives through their words and deeds.

Past Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Award Winners:

2011 - Elaine Meltzer

2012 - Margo Sampson

2013 - William Ritchie

2014 – Antonina Distefano and Laura Lisnyczyj

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LLL Program Updates

Arabic Program The Arabic Program consists of one tenure-track faculty, Professor Rania Habib, the coordinator of the Arabic Program, and two part-time instructors, Eva Phillips and Violette Humsi.  Enrollments in the Arabic Program are growing.  In fall 2014, 109 students were enrolled in the program, and extra sections of ARB 101 and ARB 201 were opened. The Arabic Program currently offers a Minor in Arabic that was approved in spring 2014. The minor requires a minimum of 20 credit hours including ARB 201 and ARB 202 and 12 credits at the 300 level or above. Many of our students study Arabic abroad. For example, we have students studying in Morocco and Turkey this semester.  Our part-time instructors participate in numerous activities every year.  This past summer, Eva Phillips gave a lecture to the Fulbright TAs entitled "Teaching Arabic in the United States: Challenges and Methods, and Standards."

In spring 2014, Professor Habib organized an Arabic Cultural Day for all Arabic students in the Arabic Program. The purpose of this event is to build a better understanding of Arabic Cultures through music, food, poetry, songs, as well as sharing and discussing students' experiences in the Middle East and North Africa, and how these experiences enrich their knowledge of Arabic.  She will organize another ‘Arabic Cultural Day' for this spring.  Students will be encouraged to use Arabic during the event as a way of practicing their language skills. Another purpose is to get Arabic students acquainted with each other and to create bonds among them, which may encourage them to keep in touch and to practice their Arabic together in the future.

Read More about the Arabic Minor


Chinese Language Minor The Chinese Program is happy to announce that the proposal for a Chinese Language Minor has been approved by the LLL and College Curriculum Committees. The regularization of two new courses, CHI 401 (Advanced Chinese III) and CHI 402 (Advanced Chinese IV), coincided with this approval. All proposals are now being reviewed at the Senate level.  A third new course, LIT 300 (Traditional Chinese Literature), is being offered this spring and will become an elective in the Chinese Studies Minor.  Working with Professor Gareth Fisher and the Chinese Studies Program, the Chinese Program plans to develop an interdisciplinary Chinese Studies Major within the next three years.  Led by Lanjing Zhou, Chinese Language Coordinator, and Professor Edwin van Bibber-Orr, the Chinese program continues to boast energetic and talented instructors.  Chongchun Chen and Jin Zhou join Teaching Assistants Yuting Guo, Huan Li, Yingya Li and Yue Wu, all from China, in creating dynamic and engaging classes for close to 300 students each year.


ENL Program This year, Tracy Marvin and Claudia Zimmerman have joined our group of dedicated instructors and TAs - Maryanne Patulski, Laura Lisnyczyj, Robert Lally, Steven Lindeman, Joe Denn, John Pugh, Chris Cadin, Melissa Gale, Gustavo Nascimento, Melanie Gauchy, Rebecca Smith, Jessica Cimino, Alyssa Gauthier, Lauren Lesce, and Margo Sampson.  In the fall, we had a record number of 46 undergraduate and nine graduate ENL sections for students from all over the world.  In addition to teaching these sections, ENL instructors have also designed field-specific language courses for graduate students in the College of Engineering, iSchool, and School of Architecture.
Maryanne Patulski, who has been teaching at Syracuse University for over 35 years, has been acknowledged by the authors of the reader Interactions for her suggestions in revising the book’s newest edition.  Laura Lisnyczyj, who holds both an undergraduate and a master’s degree from SU, will again be applying to host the Fulbright FLTA summer orientation program.  This would be the 7th year that LLL has provided a five-day orientation for 60 of the new FLTAs who will be teaching their native languages at universities across the United States.  Finally, in March, several instructors and TAs will be attending the 49th Annual TESOL International Convention in Toronto, Ontario, a conference attended by many of the 12,000 TESOL members from over 150 countries.


French Program Bonjour, tout le monde! The SU French Program is off and running, and looking forward to another great semester. We have good news: La Société Francophone de l’Université de Syracuse (SU French Club) is in the process of getting established. They have already held elections and created committees, and are making plans to offer social and cultural opportunities on our campus.  Contact Derek Meckel (dmeckel@syr.edu) for more information.

Everyone is invited to participate in:

La Table Française for guided conversation in French, on Fridays beginning Jan. 23, 1:50-2:50 p.m.

Come see some of the best of French cinema at our film series, which begins on Tuesday Feb. 3, 6:00 pm in Kittredge Auditorium (HBC). We will be showing six films on alternate Tuesdays, including “Paris Je T’Aime” and “La Grande Vadrouille” among others.

Finally, please take a minute to “like” our Facebook page, and keep up with all the latest information on the French program: https://www.facebook.com/SUFrenchProgram

Nous avons hâte de vous voir! --Catherine Nock, Interim French Program Coordinator


German Program The German program began the fall semester with a talk by Lya Friedrich Pfeifer, president of the Max Kade Foundation, as part of our Department’s Alumni Speaker Series. On September 8, Mrs. Friedrich Pfeifer spoke in her presentation “What a German Major from SU Can Do for You” about the many ways in which she used German during her career as a lawyer, financial advisor and lately as president of the largest privately endowed foundation in the field of American-German relations in the US.
Thanks to the generosity of the Max Kade Foundation, the German Program was able to offer for the first time ten Student Travel Awards for study abroad in Germany and Austria during the current academic year. The awards of $ 1,200 for each student are meant to offset the costs traveling abroad and to make study abroad more affordable. The German Program hopes to receive this grant by the Max Kade foundation on an annual base in future years as well.
During the months of September, October and November, the German Program collaborated with the Department of International Relations and the Moynihan European Research Center at the Maxwell School, and with the School of Architecture on the “Fall of the Wall” German Campus Weeks. The events celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall included a speaker series with lecturers from the University of Cologne, the Freie University in Berlin and from the University of Toronto. In addition to that, film director and academy award nominee Hava Kohav Beller discussed her documentary “The Burning Wall” as part of a film series. Graduate students from the School of Architecture and German High School students from two regional schools collaborated in building a Wall on Campus in front of the Setnor School of Music. Everybody was invited to write or draw on Wall at SU. Other components of the “Fall of the Wall” Campus Weeks included a digital story contest and a panel discussion “Why We Remember the Wall” with Prof. Karina von Tippelskirch and Maria Adebahr, First Secretary of Political Affairs from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Washington, DC. The events drew a large number of students and faculty from across campus and beyond and were a huge success, raising the visibility of the German Program and the Department of LLL.

The German Student Organization, GCS, in the Spring 2015, will collaborate with the German Program, on its annual hike and BBQ at Green Lakes State Park. The event will take place towards the end of the semester.


Hebrew Program Michal Downie, Erella Brown Sofer, and Ken Frieden continue to teach the Hebrew language courses, HEB 101-302.  The Hebrew students have had many opportunities to engage in language and culture activities. Besides sampling foods prepared by Erella and Michal, students have attended the Hebrew table and other events provided by the Judaic Studies Program and the Hillel Jewish Student Union.


Hindi Program During the Fall Semester:
We enjoyed 5-6 Hindi Tables, and a Hindi Conference was held on Dec 6, 2014. As the President of the Syracuse Hindi Chapter of the International Association of Hindi, Tej Bhatia organized a conference. Distinguished speakers included leading scholars from the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences, Arts and Sciences; Medicine. The keynote speaker was Professor Kishan Mehrotra, Department of EECS, LCS College of Engineering and Computer Science, Syracuse University. He spoke on Vedic Mathematics in Ancient India.  

Student news:
After one year of studying Hindi, Wayne Smith went to Mumbai as part of an SUAbroad program.

Fellowships for this Academic Year in Hindi 201 and 202, we have three undergraduate students, Marlena Ahern, Anastasia Selby, and Wayne Smith, who have received Foreign Language and Area Studies Scholarships. In Hindi for Research Purposes (HIN 600, HIN 201 and HIN 202), we have 5 graduate students, (Adrienne Atterberry, Alisa Weinstein, Arrianna Galluzzo, Suzanna Hatcher, Charlie Mansour), who have received Spring Semester Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships.

'The South Asia Center, in partnership with Cornell University's South Asia Program, received a four-year grant from the United States Department of Education.’  The South Asia center as been awarded this $1.3 million grant from US Department of Education. This award renews the Center's status as National Resource Center for South Asia in its consortium with Cornell university.  The award provides funding for language fellowships for both undergraduate and graduate students, course development, language training, conferences, and outreach to local schools. The South Asia Center is housed in the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University.


Italian The Italian Spring Film Series will be held in Kittredge Auditorium HBC. Beginning on January 30th at 2:00 p.m. “Ex” will be shown followed by "La Strada” on February 26th at 6:30 p.m. The last will be "Corpo Celeste” on April 17th at 2:00 p.m.

During the semester you will have the possibility of participating in the Italian Table, an hour meeting where we will discuss in an informal setting topics related to the Italian culture and way of life.


This is a great occasion to practice your spoken Italian and improve your vocabulary and fluency! All of the Italian Table gatherings will be held in Eggers 352 from 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Please join us! The dates are as follows: January 29th, February 17th, March 19th and April 14th.

A Workshop was held with Mr. Terence McCarthy, of Vista Publishing, on January 23rd at 2:00 p.m. in the Language Lab, 217 HBC.
Mr. McCarthy presented the new features of the on-line workbook for ITA 101 and 102 to the Italian instructors.

Italian Instructor News:
In the Fall of 2014, Giovanni Dettori started a PhD program in comparative literature at Binghamton University and became a certified Spanish medical interpreter with the National Board of Medical Interpreters. Giovanni Dettori is going to teach SPA 400 M004, Spanish for Medical Professionals.
For Mango Languages he developed the contents for their program Mango Premiere that teaches languages through movies. He created the learning content for "Days and Clouds", "Giorni e Nuvole" an Italian movie that won several important awards among them the 2008 David di Donatello, the equivalent of the Italian Oscar.
In May, he will present the paper "Gaspara Stampa and the reworking of the Petrarca canon" at the "Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies" Conference in Binghamton, NY.

Japanese Program After a successful "Japan Today" conference last semester, the Japanese language program started another exciting semester.

In collaboration with the Japanese Student Association, we will celebrate "Girls Day/Spring Festival" after the spring break. Traditionally, this is held on March 3rd, but due to Syracuse weather, we'll wait until the weather cooperates.  We have also applied for the Japan Foundation's "Institutional Project Support Grant" to expand the Japanese Program at Syracuse University. We should hear the result during this spring semester.


Korean Program The Korean Program has launched the two new courses on Korea in the spring 2015, taught by Professor Meera Lee: KOR 300: Korean Film, Media, and Popular Culture; LIT 300: Modern Korean Literature in Translation. This is the first time that courses on Korean literature or visual culture are offered in the humanities at Syracuse University.
The language courses continue to flourish: this year, BoRam Lee, an FLTA from Taebaek, South Korea, is teaching two sections each of KOR 101 and 102 along with two conversation courses. The students have been able to attend the Korean Table as well as view several Korean movies. In addition, members of the Korean Student Association are partnering with the language students to offer them even more opportunities to practice the language and learn about the culture.


Spanish Program This summer LLL will once again offer SPA 100/200 - Special Topics - Spanish Immersion.  This is the third summer the course has been offered and both Cathy Nock and Katie Clinton, the program coordinators, are excited to announce that this year not only will the course run through Summer College (as it has in the past), but also during MayMester.  The course has been a tremendous success with students dancing, singing, acting, playing and communicating entirely in Spanish.  If you have any questions, please contact either Cathy (cnock@syr.edu) or Katie Clinton (kclinton@syr.edu) to find out more.


Turkish Program For over ten years, at least one Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) has taught Turkish language courses in LLL.  This year, Merve Dindar, who comes from Ankara, Turkey, is teaching TRK 201 and 202.  In the fall, the Turkish students enjoyed participating in the Turkish table and attending several Turkish films.  In recent years, we have also taught Turkish to students from Cornell University through distance learning.  While it wasn’t possible this year, we’re hoping to continue the collaboration next year with the replacement of the Polycom equipment in Tolley.

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LLL Faculty Publications

Bhatia, Tej.  Hindi Reader. Jointly with Naresh Sharma. Routledge: London

Bhatia, Tej. Colloquial Urdu. Jointly with Ashok Koul. Routledge: London

Bhatia, Tej K and William C. Ritchie. 2014. Handbook of Bilingualism and Multilingualism. Oxford: Wiley  [Revised Edition of 2013 Hardcover edition]. Winner of Choice Outstanding Academic Title.

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Ticio Quesada, Maria Emma. (forthcoming)  ‘Differential Object Marking in Spanish-English Early Bilinguals’. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism. (accepted on July 2013; to appear in issue 5.1, 2015).

Ticio Quesada, Maria Emma (forthcoming) ‘No Superiority, No intervention effects: the Spanish puzzle’. Peer-reviewed chapter in Liceras, J and E. Valenzuela (eds.) Selected Proceedings of HLS 2013 [tentative subtitle] in Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics (Book Series), Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. (Co-author with Lara Reglero)

Ticio Quesada, Maria Emma (accepted)  ‘Nominal Ellipsis as a collaborative effort’. Borealis – An International Journal of Hispanic Linguistics.

Ticio Quesada, Maria Emma. (accepted)  ‘On Puerto Rican Spanish Subjects’. Peer-reviewed chapter in a volume edited by M. González Rivera in Theoretical Developments in Hispanic Linguistics (Book Series). Columbus, Ohio: OSU Press.


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Dr. and Mrs. Harold G. Jones once again enrich the LLL Department through their generosity

Emeritus Professor of Spanish, Harold G. Jones, and his wife, Barbara, have recently established two endowments to create a new LLL departmental award to recognize faculty research and to fund in perpetuity the existing Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Award.


The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics Research Achievement Award will be awarded to a deserving LLL scholar every fall beginning in 2015.  “To qualify, candidates must submit a single piece of “published research,” the one that in their judgment represents the best work they have published in the last five years.”  A three-person committee will vet the entries each year. “Quality is the sole criterion for the award.” The winner each year will receive a $5000 award, which s/he can receive as cash or as research funding. Thanks to the Joneses’ generosity we can look forward to a gala reception and celebration next fall, during which we will present LLL’s first Research Achievement Award and hear a presentation by this year’s winner.

The Joneses have also recently created an endowment to sustain LLL’s Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Award.  This award is given every year to a deserving colleague in any program or position in the department.  The sole criterion to receive this award are kindness, loyalty, dedication, and positive contributions to the department. These were the qualities that Professor Gerlinde Ulm Sanford displayed on a daily basis; the award was created to honor her.  The Joneses’ endowment will fund the award at ten times its original value plus provide funding toward a reception.  The GUS winner will be awarded $5000 plus a plaque celebrating his/her achievement.  The GUS award is given every April to commemorate the anniversary of Gerlinde’s passing.

These are but two recent displays of generosity by Dr. and Mrs. Jones.  Last year, they established an endowment to support Symposium: A Quarterly Journal in Modern Literatures.  For that gift, the Joneses donated “$160,000 to create an endowed fund to support activities that promote the scholarly reputation of the journal and broaden the sphere of its outreach.”  The monies will fund three Harold G. Jones Awards for Best Essay, one each for a graduate student, junior faculty, and senior faculty essay.  These prizes will be awarded at a reception at the 2018 Modern Language Association conference.  In addition, the Joneses' Symposium endowment will fund invited speakers and other initiatives to promote the journal and solidify its international profile. 

Additionally, the Joneses are solely responsible for beautifying the third floor of HBC through the generous donation of their art collection. The Harold G. and Barbara Jones art collection includes originals and prints of some of the world’s most famous artists.  The paintings are beautiful and pleasant to look at; they also lend an air of international sophistication, which speaks to the many cultures and rich diversity found in LLL.  We are so grateful to Dr. and Mrs. Jones for their tremendous generosity to the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics.  Their gifts warm our hearts and enrich our daily lives.  They give us so much to celebrate!


Jaklin Kornfilt, Professor of Linguistics, Professor of Linguistics, is currently in her third year as a member of the Advisory to Programs Committee of the LSA (Linguistic Society of America).  She has also recently been invited to serve as an advisory member of the LSA Committee on Linguistic Institutes and Fellowships. This committee decides, as its name implies, on the Fellowships (and other financial aid) to participants of the Linguistic Summer Institutes. Studying at one of those Institutes is a career- and life-enhancing experience.

Professor Kornfilt was invited to serve on this CLIF due to her award as a "Bloch Fellow" of the Summer Institute of 1980. This is a fellowship named after the famous structural linguist Bernard Bloch; there is only one Bloch Fellow per Summer Institute.

Professor Kornfilt was also selected for a one-month Fellowship at the Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, in Leipzig, Germany. She received the award in summer 2014, and will spend it in May 2015. Prof. Kornfilt had the honor of receiving this fellowship last summer as well (summer 2014).

Jaklin Kornfilt has been selected to serve on the Advisory Board of the Encyclopedia of Turkic Language and Linguistics. The encyclopedia will be published by BRILL, which is a very important publisher of philological work, in Leiden (The Netherlands).


Tej Bhatia, Professor of Linguistics, has been elected to the following position of the International Association of World Englishes (IAWE).

Vice-President/President Elect (Jan 2015-Dec 2016; 2yr appointment)

For more info about IAWE, see

He was nominated by the IAWE Board of Directors and was elected by the membership during the 20th International Conference of IAWE in Delhi, India (Dec 18-20, 2014).

Also, he delivered a plenary address during the inaugural session of the conference.

Congratulations to Professor Bhatia and for his leadership in that we are so well represented in this and other important international organizations.


LLL leadership positions in the Modern Language Association (MLA)

Congratulations to Stephanie Fetta (Assistant Professor of Spanish), Stefano Giannini (Associate Professor of Italian), Alicia Rios (Associate Professor of Spanish), and Emma Ticio (Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics), who have ALL been elected to leadership positions in the Modern Language Association (MLA)!

Stephanie Fetta was elected to the Executive Committee of the Division of Literatures of the US in Languages Other Than English. It is a 5-yr appointment, which began in January 2014.  In year 5, she will head the committee.

Stefano Giannini was elected to the Executive Committee of the Division on Twentieth-Century Italian Literature.  This is also a five-year position, which began in January 2015.

Maria Emma Ticio Quesada was elected to the Executive Committee of the Comparative Romance Linguistics Discussion Group. Her term began in January 2014 and lasts for 5 years.

Alicia Rios was elected to the Executive Committee of MLA's Division on Latin American Literature from Independence to 1900.  Her term began in January 2015 and lasts for five years.

Professor Rios is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Venezuelan Section of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA).  

Professor Fetta also holds an elected position on the board of the national committee Mujeres activas en literatura y ciencias sociales /caucus co-chair of  Women Indigenous Native Caucus (WINC).

It is incredible that the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, the College of Arts and Sciences, and Syracuse University have such strong representation in these international organizations, which are so important to our profession.  I am proud of these colleagues and grateful for their willingness to take on these important and highly visible leadership roles. Congratulations to all of them on being elected.


Special Recognition for LLL Members

Maria Rita Barbarino received recognition and thanks from the authors of Sentieri (Vista Higher Learning) for her review of the textbook. She is listed as a reviewer of Sentieri under "Acknowledgments".  It is great that we can have the work and expertise of one of our instructors in the Italian program recognized by the Authors of such an important textbook.<

Professor Amanda Brown and her students in LIN 422/622 received the 2014 Chancellor’s Legacy Award for Public Engagement and Scholarship for “consistency over a period of years, in partnership with organizations and citizens in the community, [which] exemplified meaningful and sustained engagement.” 

Mary Louise Delmarsh (Lou Lou), Instructor of German, was recently awarded a Summer Innovation Grant from University College to develop and teach a course in Business German for summer 2015. Business German will help students gain oral and written German proficiency for sales and marketing arenas.  Please help us publicize this course widely.  Congratulations to Lou Lou on receiving this outstanding award.

Yuting Guo, Yingya Li and Sanshiroh Ogawa, all students in the MA Linguistic Studies and the CAS in Language Teaching will present final papers from LIN 622 at the upcoming (February 7, 2015) conference of the Language Educators of Central New York (LECNY). The title of their session is: The state of the field: Heritage Learners of Chinese; Teaching Pronunciation; and Use of Music in the Language Classroom.

Carla Zimmerman-Edison, graduate of the CAS in Language Teaching, has had her final paper from LIN 622 published as an article.   Zimmerman-Edison, C. (2014). Teaching and learning English idioms in the L2 classroom. NYS TESOL Journal, 2 (1). Available at: http://www.journal.nystesol.org/currentissue.html

Paul Humphrey, Visiting Assistant Professor of French and Spanish received the Publication Prize from the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland in association with the Office of Cultural and Scientific Affairs of the Spanish Embassy in London. This prize is awarded annually to new graduates for the best Ph.D. dissertations in the area of Hispanic Studies submitted the previous year in the UK and Ireland, and confers a publication contract with either Támesis or Legenda. In 2014 four individuals were awarded prizes, one of whom was Paul.

Meera Lee, Assistant Professor of Asian/Asian American Studies and Korean was awarded the 2014 (6th) Rising Stars of Korean Studies funded by the Korea Foundation and sponsored by the USC Korean Studies Institute and UCLA Center for Korean Studies. Each year the award committee selects several junior scholars whose research is important and promising to the field of Korean Studies. In recognition of her current book project’s significance and great potential contribution to the field, Lee had the privilege to be selected as one of the rising junior scholars of Korean Studies and to have her current book manuscript Maladies of Han: Trauma, Haunting and Korean Subjectivity reviewed by the invited senior scholars at this workshop. 

Maryanne Patulski, veteran Instructor of English as a Second Language, was acknowledged and thanked for her contributions to the book Interactions: A Thematic Reader. This recognition is listed on page xxix.  Congratulations to Maryanne for contributing to this important work.  She should be commended for her many contributions to the LLL department and to our profession.

Karina Von Tippelskirch, Assistant Professor of German, received the  Faculty Research Fellowship from the Humanities Center, Syracuse University, Spring Semester 2014.  The Humanities Faculty Fellows Award for faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences carries a one semester two-course reduction to complete a proposed research or creative project and to contribute to the SU Humanities Center programs during the spring semester. Fellows reside at the HC and lead a Faculty Fellow Symposium, engaging graduate students and faculty from their own and other disciplines.

Amy Wyngaard, Professor of French, was named NEH Professor of the Humanities at Colgate University, Fall 2014. In this capacity, Professor Wyngaard taught two courses in her field at Colgate and she presented a lecture on her current research.  Congratulations to Prof. Wyngaard for receiving this important honor.


Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Student Award Friday, April 24, 2:30 p.m.

Again this year, in an effort to recognize some of the many accomplishments of LLL MA students and Teaching Assistants, the LLL Department will sponsor our LLL Outstanding MA student awards for each MA program in the department plus an Outstanding LLL TA overall award for a deserving departmental TA from any program. LLL faculty and coordinators will work within and across programs to choose one awardee from each of the following categories (total 4 awards):

Outstanding MA student in French

Outstanding MA student in Linguistics

Outstanding MA student in Spanish

Outstanding LLL Teaching Assistant 2013-14 (can be from any program in LLL)

We will present these awards to the MA students/TA  at the Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Award Ceremony.  Each awardee will receive a certificate signed by the graduate advisor(s) and the department chair plus a small gift.  Each program's graduate advisor will coordinate their program's award.  All Graduate students and/or Teaching Assistants in the department are eligible.

It is not required that each program identify an Outstanding MA Student.  These awards should be reserved for truly Outstanding Students.


Nominate your best student for a Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Student Award

Do you have a student whose enthusiasm for languages is contagious?  Student nominations recognize a student studying in the department who is passionate about one or more languages, literatures, or linguistics.  A high GPA is not necessarily a criterion for this award.  The Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Student Awards celebrate interest, motivation, openness to growth, passion, and dedication to learning one or more world languages/literatures/linguistics/cultures.  The student can be in any level from 101 on up! More information on the nomination process will be available shortly.


The October 3 Celebratory Reception, to celebrate the many wonderful accomplishments and contributions of its members, LLL held a celebratory reception on Friday, October 3 at 4 p.m. in 340 HBC.   We had many important things to celebrate this past year!   Among them:

Amanda Brown received tenure and promotion to Associate Professor;
Stefano Giannini received tenure and promotion to Associate Professor;
Pedro Cuperman received promotion to Full Professor;
We welcomed Kenji Oda as Assistant Professor of Linguistics;
We welcomed Paul Humphrey as Visiting Assistant Professor of French and Spanish;
We welcomed Consuelo Endrigo-Williams, Melanie Gauchy, Diana Gonzales Haumann, Tracy Marvin, Monica Poza Dieguez, and Harry Tuttle as new part-time instructors;
We welcomed Merve Dindar and BoRam Lee as new Fulbright Teaching Assistants;
We welcomed several new Teaching Assistants: Elizabeth Blowers, Elizabeth Boghosian, Sara Carlin Gurrionero, Jessica Cimino, Theavy Din, Hanna Dubovik, Marjorie Galelli, Alyssa Gauthier, James Green, Barbara Jedruszczak, Lauren Lesce, Tania Leyva, Huan Li, Yingya Li, Jonathan Londino, Hitomi Minamida, Chelsey Smith;
We thanked Ben Williams for his continuing great work as Visiting Assistant Professor of French;
We welcomed Catherine Nock as Interim French Language Coordinator;
We welcomed Katie Clinton as Interim Assistant Spanish Language Coordinator;
We congratulated Karina von Tippelskirch for procuring thousands of dollars from the Max Kade Foundation for student travel grants;
We congratulated Tomoko Walter and her Japanese language team for their work in securing a Japan Foundation grant and for hosting a successful "Japan Today" conference;
We congratulated Professors Bhatia, Brown, Everly, Garcia Calderon, Garcia Reidy, Jonassaint, Kornfilt, Lee,  and Wyngaard, among others, for 2013 or 2014 research grants or recognition, teaching awards, or Rising Star awards;
We celebrated the 2013-2014 publications of Professors Bhatia, Brown, Bulman, Cuperman, Garcia-Reidy, Habib, Jonassaint, Kornfilt, Ritchie, Van der Meer, von Tippelskirch, Zhou Lanjing;
We congratulated Laura Lisnyczyj and Margo Sampson for running the seventh successful Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant Orientation Training and for procuring this $65,000 award;
We congratulated Professor William Ritchie on his retirement and his promotion to Emeritus Professor;
We thanked Emeritus Professor Harold Jones for his generous endowment of LLL's journal Symposium: A Quarterly Journal in Modern Literatures and for his generous donation of artwork to LLL;
We thanked our office staff team: Colleen Kepler, Karen Ames, Christine Palmer, Beth Wagner, and Don Wagner for their very hard work in supporting us all!

Thank you for all you do for the LLL department, the College, and Syracuse University.

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Conference Presentations

A local troop of Boy Scouts of America, heard a presentation by Prof. Tej Bhatia, entitled "Learning Languages."  Tej said he had a great time and has been asked to speak with them again.


Tej K. Bhatia. (Keynote Address) “The oldest grammar of Hindi: Variational and Forensic Perspectives.”  University of Uppsala, Sweden workshop on Francois-Marie de Tours (June 4-6, 2014). My visit to participate in the 3-Day Workshop was funded by a grant from Kungl Humanistiska Vetenskaps-Samfundeti Uppsala and Indo-Iranska Founden.

Tej K. Bhatia.  (Plenary Address) 20th International Conference of the International Association of World Englishes.  December 18-20, 2014, New Delhi: India.  Organized by TEFSOL India, JNU University, Delhi University. “Targeting Multilingual Consumers: A Global Advertising perspective.  Inaugural speech.”

Tej K. Bhatia.  (Invited Talk)  University of Hamburg, Germany, September 24, 2014. “The Pioneers of the [European] Hindi Grammatical Tradition.”

Tej K. Bhatia. The 43rd Conference on South Asia.  University of Wisconsin. Madison, Wisconsin. Panel: English-Vinglish: New Research Teaching and Learning Hindi/Urdu. “To teach or not to teach Hinglish:  Theoretical and Methodological Challenges of New Pedagogy.” October 18, 2014.

Walden, Malissa and Tej K. Bhatia. Forensic Discourse and Acoustic Analysis: The Intelligibility of African American Vernacular English Speakers’ as Witnesses in American Courts. GURT 2014. Washington D.C.: Georgetown University. March 13-16, 2014

Bhatia, T. K.  & Brown, A. (Sept, 2014). Discussants for Prof. Masaaki Kamiya, Learning to learn: prioritizing prosody as a L2 learner’s tool. Japan Today Workshop, Syracuse, USA.


Brown, A. & Ruiz, H. (Nov, 2014). Equity, Engagement, Enrichment in Teacher Preparation Programs. Paper presented at the NYS TESOL Conference, Albany, NY.

Brown, A. (June, 2014). Multicompetence and native speaker variation in construal of manner of motion in Mandarin. Paper presented at the Bloomsbury Roundtable: The Third International Symposium on Chinese Language and Discourse, London, UK.

Cavicchio, F., Brown, A. Furman, R. Allen, S., Özyürek,A., Ishizuka, T., Kita, S. (May, 2014). Annotation of space and manner/path configuration in bilinguals’ speech and manual gestures. Paper presented at the Language and Resources Evaluation Conference, Reykjavik.

Jaffie-Shupe, L., Smith, R., Wu, T., with Brown, A. (organizer) (Feb, 2014). The state of the field: Effects of program type, personality, and language background in second language classrooms. Papers presented at the Language Educators of Central New York (LECNY), Syracuse, USA.

Brown, A. & Isome, W. C. (organizers), Lannes, P. (Jan, 2014). CALTA21 (Cultures and Literacies Through Art for the 21st Century). One-day workshop held at the Everson Museum, Syracuse, USA.


Bulman, Gail. “Sex, Scandal, and Story Space in Eduardo Adrianzén’s Cuatro historias de cama.” Mid-America Conference on Hispanic Literature. University of Wisconsin- Madison, October 11, 2014.

Bulman, Gail. “Guerra interna, Guerra eterna: Poesía, pasión y política en Sangre como flores: La pasión según García Lorca de Eduardo Adrianzén.” The 64th Annual Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference.  Furman University, October 17, 2014.


Everly, Kathryn. “After the End: Death as Apocalypse in Dulce Chacon's Cielos de barro”.  North Eastern Modern Languages Association annual convention.  Harrisburg, PA, April 3-6, 2014.


Fetta, Stephanie. “Interrogating Empathy: Orientalism, Latin@ Literature, and Neuroscience”, Orientalisms in the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian World conference, University of California, Wellesley, and Waseda University, Tokyo, April 27, 2014.

Fetta, Stephanie. “Advising”, Roundtable discussion; Mujeres Activas en Letras y Ciencias Sociales (MALCS), New Mexico College, July 30, 2014.


Frieden, Ken.  (Invited Lecture) “From Mendel to Mendele: Mendel Lefin as Precursor of ‘Mendele Mokher Sforim,’” Symposium on Language, Nation, and Modernity: Hebrew in Europe, 1800 to the Present, King’s College, London, May 2014.

Frieden, Ken. (Invited Lecture) “A Wedding in the Shtetl: Klezmer Music and Yiddish Films,” Lecture at the Institute for Cultural Studies, Univ. of Poznan, Poznan, Poland, May 2014.


García-Reidy, Alejandro. Mujeres y criados, una comedia recuperada de Lope de Vega”, invited lecture at the conference I Encuentro de la Red de Teatros Universitarios del Siglo de Oro (Fundación Siglo de Oro-Teatros del Canal), October 2014.

García-Reidy, Alejandro. “La puesta en escena de Mujeres y criados y la comedia lopesca de madurez”, invited lecture at the conference Lope de Vega y la puesta en escena de la Comedia Nueva (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), October 2014.

García-Reidy, Alejandro. “Fama y canonización en las Honras a Lope de Vega en el Parnaso”, paper read at the conference X Congreso Internacional de la AISO (Università Ca’Foscari, Venice), July 2014.

García-Reidy, Alejandro. “The Queen as Tyrant: Lope de Vega’s Portrayal of Elizabeth I as a Political Figure”, paper read at the 60th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America (RSA, New York City), March 2014.

García-Reidy, Alejandro. “Andrés de Claramonte y el auto sacramental: entre el centro y la periferia del canon”, paper read at the 2014 AHCT Symposium on Golden Age Theatre (AHCT, El Paso), February 2014.

García-Reidy, Alejandro. “Peasant Drama and the Dynamics of Power: the Peasant as Model of a Good Ruler”, paper read at the 129st MLA Annual Convention (MLA, Chicago), January 2014.

García-Reidy, Alejandro. “Baroque theater and the economics of popular culture”, paper read at the 129st MLA Annual Convention (MLA, Chicago), January 2014.


Giannini, Stefano. “Our Alexandria Would Shine Across the Millennia. Ungaretti and Cavafy’s Invention of a Mythical City,” The Hellenic Foundation for Culture - Annex of Alexandria / The Italian Cultural Institute, Alexandria, Egypt, June 2014.

Giannini, Stefano. “Ungaretti’s Alexandria: Ruins and Memories,” NeMLA Conference in Harrisburg, PA, April 2014.


Glidden, Hope.    Renaissance Society of America [RSA] in March 2014. Chair of panel entitled "The Poetics of Fairy Tales."

Glidden, Hope.   French Graduate Colloquium in April 2014. Gave a paper entitled "Montaigne's Rome."

Glidden, Hope.   International Colloquium entitled "Rabelais Inextinguible." Gave a paper entitled "Naitre à la Devinière:  aux sources des folastreries joyeuses de Rabelais." Paris, Sorbonne, 2014.


Haber, Erika. "The Conflict of Texts: A.M. Volkov's Magic Land Series" for the conference «Children's Literature as a Territory of Conflicts: Texts, Personalities, and Institutions» at the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House), the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1 June 2014.


Habib, Rania. Children's deviation in the acquisition of variable linguistic gender patterns. New Ways of Analyzing Variation 43 (NWAV 43). Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. October 23-36, 2014.

Habib, Rania. Comparing children's variable language to their parents': Is it acquisition or more? Arabic Linguistics Symposium 28 (ALS 28). University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, U.S.A. March 13-15, 2014.

Habib, Rania. Children's variable language compared to parents': Is it acquisition or more? The 88th/2014 Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA 2014). Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. January 2-5, 2014.

Habib, Rania. Introduction to Arabic Culture. Invited Seminar for the Middle East Internship. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. March 28, 2014.

Habib, Rania. Variability in Children's Speech compared to their parents': Is it acquisition or more? LLL Faculty Working Papers Series, sponsored by the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics and the Humanities Center. Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, U.S.A. March 20, 2014.


Humphrey, Paul. “Capital Prostitution: Voices from the Shadows in Post-Earthquake Haitian Fiction.” American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting, New York University, New York, March 20-23.br/>


Jonassaint, Jean. (Invited Lecture, February 10, 2014). “A Genetic Edition of Dézafi and Les Affres d’un défi by Frankétienne.” Nantes Institute of Advanced Study year-long seminar 2013-2014 (France).

Jonassaint, Jean.  (Invited Lecture, April 25, 2014). “Problèmes et enjeux d’une édition génétique bilingue : Dézafi et Les Affres d’un défi de Frankétienne.” Weekly seminar of ITEM/ Manuscrits francophones du Sud, ENS (Paris).

Jonassaint, Jean. (Invited Paper, June 5, 2014) “Un Christophe ignoré des Césairiens : notes pour des genèses. ” International colloquium, Genèses du texte théâtral en français et diversité culturelle, Université de Rouen (France).

Jonassaint, Jean.  Opening remark of a special evening on Aimé Césaire at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria, Egypt), April 20, 2014.

Jonassaint, Jean. A 50-minute radio interview with Professor Ali El Kenz, aired on Eur@dioNantes on May 15, 2014 <http://www.euradionantes.eu/blog/2014/5/14/17-05_la-tribune-de-l-iea>.


Kornfilt, Jaklin. (2014) a. "Relative types in Turkish";  Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Department of Linguistics (Leipzig, Germany) (July 2014). (Invited Lecture)

Kornfilt, Jaklin. (2014) b. "Similarities and differences between N-complement and Relative Clause constructions in two Turkic languages", invited Brown Bag talk, Department of Linguistics, NYU. (April 2014). (Invited Lecture)

Kornfilt, Jaklin.  (2014) c. "Turkish Relative Clauses: How Exceptional are they from a Central Asian Turkic Perspective?" Conference on Central Asian languages and linguistics, Indiana University, Bloomington (May 2014). Invited plenary talk.

Kornfilt, Jaklin.  (2014) d. Remarks on D-Linking; discussant's comments; Workshop on Definiteness, Department of Germanic Linguistics, University of Cologne (Germany) (June 2014). By invitation.

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New LLL Colleagues

Christine Palmer, We are very fortunate to have a wonderful office staff in LLL!  Christine Palmer joined the LLL office staff in June and became a permanent member as of January.

Beginning officially this New Year, the LLL main office is staffed by our three fabulous staff members:  Colleen, Karen, and Chris!  Please remember to thank them for all that they do for all of us!

LLL is also lucky to have two great, hard-working, and very loyal work-study students, who help us on a daily basis.  Clare Callahan is a senior with a double major in Psychology and Advertising.  She has been working in LLL for the better part of her four years at SU.   Sol Escribano is a sophomore political science major.  His technical expertise has been invaluable to our department during the past two years.  We are lucky to have these two great student workers as part of our team.


Victor Symonette, has joined LLL this spring and is teaching GER 202.

Eunju Yang, has joined LLL this spring teaching Linguistics. Eunju's research interest is how second language acquisition is related to bilinguals' cognitive as well as perceptional changes. Her dissertation is titled: Cognitive effects of bilingualism: Executive functions and language practice, closely investigated the relationship between bilinguals' language practice and their cognitive changes. Her education follows:

PhD candidate, Foreign and Second Language Education, expected May, 2015, University at Buffalo, NY
MEd, Education of English Language, Korea University, February, 2007
BA, English Language and literature, Chonnam National University, February, 2002
BS, Chemistry, Chonnam National University, February, 2002

Dr. Reza Ghafar Samar, Visiting Scholar, University of Tehran, Iran
Dr. Ghafar Samar’s major research interest is Sociolinguistics (Variation Theory, Bilingualism, and Language change) and its application to Second/Foreign Language Acquisition. In addition to working on a textbook on Sociolinguistics (in Persian) and a research on Language Death, two inter-related areas of interest he is recently working on are intercultural communication (between first and second languages/cultures) and identity (socio-cultural/national/professional) of the people involved in Foreign/Second language learning contexts (learners-teachers-managers).

As a visiting scholar, Dr. Ghafar Samar is hosted by Tej K. Bhatia, a distinguished Professor of Linguistics at the department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, Syracuse University.  In view of their intersecting research interests, Dr. Bhatia and Dr. Ghafar Samar are planning to jointly work on the linguistic aspects of social media and deception, an issue which with the explosive growth of social media applications has attracted the attention of researchers from a variety of disciplines including Computer, Communication, Computational Linguistics, Social and Psychological sciences, to name a few. If you would like to invite Profesor Samar to your classes or like to host him, contact Professor Bhatia (tkbhatia@syr.edu).


Claudia Zimmermann, joins the ESOL Program. We are delighted to welcome Claudia Zimmerman to the ESOL Program!  Claudia has worked internationally in Rome, Italy and other locations such as Sudan, Pakistan, and Indonesia. As a result of her experiences, she has been exposed to the varieties of English spoken around the world. She possesses a Masters in Educational Technology and a Masters in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The combination of her education and work experiences makes her excited to work with the students at Syracuse University. Claudia is teaching two sections of ENL 213.


LLL Teaching with Technology, features numerous presentations during the year. 

"LLL Teaching with Technology" workshops were held in 217 HBC and a lunch followed each session.

The first workshop, “Creating an Exemplary Blackboard Site for your Course," consisted of demonstration, best practices and conversation – followed by a hands-on session to implement some of the things that we have discussed.

Another workshop, led by Michael Morrison and his team from Online Learning Services  and  Information Technology and Services, was created especially for LLL and  focused on  "Best Practices in the Use of Audio and Video Materials in a Language Course.” The team demonstrated how to find and utilize existing content in our courses, as well as the basics of how to create our own content. As an extension of making our own content, they talked about how to engage students in the creation of this content as well.

Everyone gained knowledge or experience using audio or video materials in their courses.

Other workshops were held for LLL faculty in order to learn how to update their Profile pages in Cascade.  There are two more training sessions planned for this spring.

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